Meet the Training Team


Professional Services Manager

Simon Clark-Jones 

The head of our Professional Services Team, Simon originally comes from a Payroll and HR background, and spent 3 years spent focused the technical side of things.

As a result, he’s the go-to for technical queries, Payroll and HR legislation, and always on hand to help deliver the technical and training aspects of our Payroll and HR products. Beyond managing the team, Simon also works with everyone from SMEs to major multinational companies.

Outside of work, he’s an avid Disney fan and has been travelling to Orlando, Florida since he was a child!

Training Co-Ordinator

Kathryn Bamber

With 10 years on the job and 16 years at IRIS in total, Kathryn knows our training programs inside out. She’s responsible for coordinating the diaries and confirming all onsite and remote bookings, as well as organizing our group webinars and the onsite training we offer across IRIS. In this role, she works with everyone from the smallest businesses and GP practices, all the way through to Earnie IQ’s enterprise clients.

Want to know Kathryn a bit better? Ask her how she got a piece of Malta stuck in her knee (hint, she’s rather accident prone!)


Louise Rourke

With 20 years’ experience in the payroll and accounts industry and almost a decade working with us at IRIS, we feel comfortable calling Louise something of an expert.

In her time with us, Louise has worked with too many customers to mention. She’s currently focusing her attention on GP practices, making sure they get the most out of GP Payroll, Accounts and HR. She’s also considered something of a specialist in payroll legislation.

If all this starts going to her head, just remind her of the time she was chased down Great Yarmouth Pier by Rod Hull & Emu!

Martin Finney

Our resident HR guru, Martin Finney has been with IRIS for the last 18 months. With a CIPD Certificate in Training Practice and 20 years’ experience in Learning and Development, Martin knows his stuff and is able to find the exact solution needed for every customer – from small 1 man bands to our bigger clients with over 200 employees.

Fun fact: Martin will be able to help you whether you’re drowning in admin or drowning in real life – he used to be a lifeguard!

David Bloxham

David’s been at IRIS for an impressive 13 ½ years, and is responsible for the course content and materials we put out. His years at the company mean he’s pretty versatile in his skill set, so he’s often helping out across the team and making sure his subject knowledge is put to good use.

David takes pride in making our course content accessible and engaging and, according to one happy customer, “wins the prize for the best training session about the most boring topic”.

Fun fact: David once skydived to cure his fear of heights. While it was a great experience, he’s still afraid of heights.

Implementation Consultants

Duncan Irving

Duncan’s background is firmly rooted in customer service, so he’s a dab hand at working with individual customers to find the solution that’s perfect for them. In the 3 ½ years Duncan has been at IRIS, he’s put that into practice and worked with customers in every industry from the small independents up.

Though we class him as one of the most reliable members of the team, he’s actually quite the risk taker outside the office; two experiences he’d gladly recommend to anyone are diving with great white sharks and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!

Edward Evans

Edward is our master-explainer, with 3 ½ years at IRIS under his belt and experience across several payroll products alongside webinars and HR setup. Edward trains employees across a range of industries, and his background in training stretches back an impressive 20 years.

Ask Edward about… his harp playing, he does it with “impressive mediocrity” by all accounts!

Paul Haywood

Paul has been working in finance and payroll for close to 8 years, so he knows what goes into a successful payroll solution.

Paul’s one of our go-to guys in Earnie IQ, providing consultancy on a range of IRIS Payroll products and the bolt on modules we offer. For each of these, he’s on hand to provide training and help with implementation. As Paul’s background is in our technical support team, he’s in his comfort zone talking about SQL Server Transfers and troubleshooting issues.

When Paul’s out of the office, he’s in the great outdoors – camping, rock climbing, kayaking and making the most of the fresh air.

Steven Stafford

New to the training team but an IRIS veteran with 2 ½ years’ experience, Steven knows his stuff when it comes to talking about IRIS HR, and works with the whole range of industries from the largest to the smallest.

Before moving into training, Steven worked in sales for everything from entertainment events to B2B clients, so he knows how to match customers with their perfect solution, or how to help create a bespoke mix so that every individual need is catered for.

Think Steven looks familiar? You might recognise him from the TV show Airport – a star turn from a star team member!

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