Through IRIS one can access targeted training content delivered by experienced instructors.  These instructors are continually developing new programs and courses that address advances in IRIS Software functionality.

GDPR for Accountants

Unique training for accountants to help you prepare your practice for GDPR. Get to grips with GDPR, with an introduction to GDPR for accountants.

Online GDPR training

Develop product expertise to expand your knowledge and drive results.

Get real business benefit from using your IRIS software: our courses help everyone from new users through to advanced super-users gain maximum value from your software. Courses are available as e-learning, classroom based or on your own premises.

With IRIS training, a new user can be off to a flying start, an established user can improve their productivity... unleash the power in your practice!

All our courses are structured to develop your understanding, include hands-on experience and are supported by full course notes when undertaken in a classroom.

Learners can receive instruction on-site, remotely from instructors, or as self-paced online courses which accommodate learning anywhere, at any time. Product-based courses blend lectures with hands-on exercises. This equips students with valuable product knowledge and skills that improve productivity.

"IRIS training is a credit to your organisation. The tuition will prove invaluable to helping us achieve our goals over the next 12 months"

Ashley Dunkley
Cobley Desborogh & Co 

Online Training On-Site Training Remote Training

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