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This helpful video shows you how to get yourself up and running with KashFlow Payroll, with easy to follow step by step instructions. Why not register for a trial and try KashFlow Payroll for two pay periods, completely free?

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Cloud-based UK payroll software - accessible online from anywhere
on PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet

KashFlow Payroll helps you process payroll quickly and securely, automatically files your RTI submissions online for you and helps keep you compliant with auto enrolment legislation



Auto enrolment

We've got it covered. KashFlow Payroll will generate required communications to be sent to employees, automatically assess and enrol all eligible employees within the course of a payroll run. It also generates output files to communicate with your chosen pension provider, accommodates postponement, deferrals, opt-outs and withheld payments in an easy, step by step auto enrolment setup. Saving you time and money on your auto enrolment compliance at the click of a button. Start your auto enrolment journey with legislation and product training.

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KashFlow Payroll keeps you fully compliant with the workplace pensions Automatic Enrolment legislation. Download your free guide'7 auto enrolment top tips for businesses staging in 2016'.





Company management

KashFlow Payroll enables you to manage the pay for as many employees, companies and payment schedules as you want, all at the touch of a button.

From simple payrolls with one employee all the way up to complex payrolls for multiple companies, we've got it covered.



Employee management

Having and maintaining accurate employee records is key to ensuring RTI success. KashFlow Payroll keeps employees' pay details up to date and looks after employees leaving, rejoining, adoption leave and earning order. You can even create your own employee calendar to keep track of absences, illness and company events.



Flexible payroll functionality

It doesn't matter if you pay your employees weekly or monthly, KashFlow Payroll can handle it. You can even use KashFlow Payroll to run weekly and monthly payrolls at the same time if you want. If you need to edit your employees' payslips to account for deductions such as NICs or tax, you can do this as and when you need to.



KashFlow Payroll includes a range of personalised reports giving you summaries of incomings and outgoings, which can be exported to both PDF and CSV (Excel) files. To help with your end of year reporting and leavers you can also create P45s and P60s, helping you stay one step ahead of your payments and expenses.


Prefer a software based payroll solution to download? Try IRIS's free payroll software, IRIS Payroll Basics. Free for companies with less than 10 employees. 


Account Types

All new sign-ups get a Trial Account- this is free and you can use all features and pay your employees for one tax month. At the end of the trial, you then have a choice to switch to one of the following 2 account types:

Business Account

The right solution for most small and medium sized businesses.

  • £6.50 per month (up to 5 employees)
  • £1.10 per month per additional employee
  • ESS - included free
  • £1 per employee assessment per month (Automatic Enrolment)
  • £2 per company per month - first company free
  • Unlimited functionality
  • 12 Month Contract


Please contact 0843 357 1830 for our competitive accountants tariff.

Business Account
The right solution for most small and medium sized businesses.
£5 minimum per month
£2 per company pcm
£1 per employee pcm
£0.25 per Employee Self Service pcm
Unlimited companies and employees
Unlimited functionality
1st Company free
12 Month Contract
Please contact 0843 357 1830 for our competitive accountants tariff.


RTI compliance

Unlike other payroll software, KashFlow Payroll was designed specifically for Real Time Information (RTI). KashFlow Payroll automates your RTI submissions for you so you don't need to worry about them, and with friendly alerts for missing or required RTI data and online filing logs you can rest easy knowing you are compliant.

Available anywhere

KashFlow Payroll is a cloud-based solution, meaning you are not tied to one computer. You can access KashFlow Payroll from anywhere at anytime through your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, with no installation needed.

Cost effective

Say goodbye to upfront costs or annual fees. Enjoy online payroll for 2 pay periods completely free with KashFlow Payroll and then pay just £1 per employee per month to keep the same great service.

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