IRIS Remote Payroll Entry

IRIS Remote Payroll Entry


Streamline data collection and payroll process for Bureaus and Accountants with the revolutionary new IRIS Remote Payroll Entry module.


IRIS Remote Payroll Entry consists of pioneering new features in your payroll and a ground-breaking new app for your clients.


Controlled access to payroll

IRIS Remote Payroll Entry gives you full control over which clients have access to the new app. This means in addition to saving you time and reducing potential for errors, you can choose to charge your clients for this premium service.


Efficient payroll for your clients

Via the new IRIS Remote Payroll Entry app, your clients will be able to create new starters and enter their personal information, make an employee a leaver and indicate if that employee is due to receive a further payment prior to leaving, and enter changes to static employee information, such as salary or bank details.



Receive information quickly and simply

It’s quick and easy to receive completed timesheet information, from your clients and send it into payroll.

If your client has sent you payroll information, simply click a button and it will be ready for you to process. If you wish, you can choose to view this information prior to processing.


Easily validate information

IRIS Remote Payroll Entry makes it simple to ensure your client has only sent you valid information to process in the payroll, as it follows the same validation rules as if you were manually entering information.



Easy configuration

In your payroll, IRIS Remote Payroll Entry enables you to quickly define clients who will have access to the Remote Payroll Entry portal, pay frequencies your clients can send payroll information, as well as timesheet template for your clients to use to enter variable payroll information

Once this simple configuration is complete, you are ready to send timesheet information to your clients by simply clicking a button in payroll.

View payroll information

In payroll, IRIS Remote Payroll Entry enables you to quickly view the date and status of your client’s timesheet, if for example you are waiting for payroll information from your client; the pay periods your client has already submitted payroll information for, as well as how many new starters and leavers your client has created.



Process information at the touch of a button

By the mere click of a button, IRIS Remote Payroll Entry will increase efficiency for your business by processing payroll information entered by your client, saving you from performing the manual task.

Reconciling Information

IRIS Remote Payroll Entry automatically reconciles the information received from your client with that calculated in payroll.

Taking care of this administrative payroll burden increases your efficiency whilst providing the assurance that all information received has been processed.

You can view the result of the reconciliation or print it for your records.






Data Security

IRIS Remote Payroll Entry (RPE) is hosted on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform in their EU zone and therefore fully complies with UK data protection guidelines. IRIS RPE relies on Microsoft’s security procedures to ensure physical protection of our systems.

Online user passwords are held in Microsoft’s Windows Azure AD and not in the Remote Payroll Entry application or your payroll software. Microsoft’s Windows Azure AD security protocols require the creation of ‘strong’ passwords.

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