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Say goodbye to paper and email payslips with this secure, online electronic payslip solution that also distributes P60s and pension communications. Emailing payslips could land you in court for breach of data protection. Sign up for a free trial and find out for yourself how IRIS OpenPayslips can streamline your payroll process and keep your business compliant wth auto enrolment legislation today.

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The secure web based solution that enables your employees to access, and download their payslips via an online portal via PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

IRIS is the only payroll software provider that allows you to deliver your employees' payslips direct to their smartphone!

IRIS OpenPayslips also delivers P60s and pension communications electronically in order to comply with auto enrolment legislation.





6 good reasons to use electronic payslips

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Free for accountants and their employees!

IRIS OpenPayslips is completely free for accountancy practices to use to pay their employees. This service allows accountants to see just how much IRIS OpenPayslips streamlines their payroll process.





Security and safety

All user passwords are ‘Hashed and Salted’. Hashing means that IRIS OpenPayslips only stores encrypted passwords and therefore it is not possible for anyone to view an actual password in the database.

Salting means that even in the instance of an attempted attack, it is not possible to crack the encrypted password even if someone were to gain access to our user access database which is protected by Microsoft’s Windows Azure built in security.

Only the actual user of an account sets their password; not even the system administrator can set, view or change an individual user’s password. The only way a password can be reset is via a uniquely generated password reset link that is emailed to the user.


Benefits to your business

Adopting IRIS OpenPayslips can help to increase your business' payroll processing efficiency by cutting down on printing, sorting and sending paper payslips. In addition to this, it will enable you to reduce the costs associated with paper payslips and P60s whilst reducing your business' carbon footprint in the process.

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Benefits to the employees

IRIS OpenPayslips is a 24/7 fully accessible service which means that your employees can access their account and their documents whenever they may need them. In addition to this, they are less likely to lose payslips and don't have to ask for duplicates to be printed should they need them. The accounts are fully managed by the employee meaning that they have complete control over their own login details and security.

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Automatic enrolment communication to your workforce

Employees have to be informed at key stages in the automatic enrolment process. The communications required will be set by their worker status and what stage they are at in the process, and the triggers behind this are complex.

If you have the IRIS AE Suite™ then IRIS OpenPayslips will take care of your communication requirements. This will remove the administration and distributing pension communications electronically. IRIS has worked closely with The Pensions Regulator to ensure your workers receive the right communications at the right time. 




Easy, Intuitive and Streamlined

The IRIS OpenPayslips app can be downloaded by employees for smartphone and tablet as well as being accessible via desktop. The payslips, P60s and pension letters are organised clearly into groups allowing you quick and easy access to the documents that you need. Need a payslip from 6 months ago? No problem, simply scroll through your payslips and locate all of your previous documents quickly and efficiently!

The electronic payslips app (IRIS OpenPayslips) is available to download for free on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Join the 6,000 plus people that have already download the app. Simply search for "Payslips" in your app store or click on one of the links below:

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Payslips and P60s at the touch of a button

From within your payroll software you are able to select those employees that would like to receive digital payslips. You simply press the publish button and your employees will receive an email inviting them to register their account and create a secure password. Employees can then log in and view their current and historic payslips.

The employee can access their payslips wherever there is an internet connection, 24/7 and will be displayed exactly how your employees are used to seeing their payslip.

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Articles and guides

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Customer Testimonials

"IRIS OpenPayslips is brilliant. When we first rolled it out, we had a very impressive 60% of our workforce adopting it straight away. When those that didn’t adopIRIS OpenPayslips straight away saw their colleagues using it, they were easily convinced to take it on as well." Simon Iliffe, Tingdene Homes, Jan 2016  

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