IRIS KashFlow Connect

Are you ready to switch to online bookkeeping?

Need help promoting it to clients?

The IRIS KashFlow Connect Partner Programme gives your practice all the help you need to get your clients up and running with KashFlow.

View and manage your clients online using the free IRIS KashFlow Connect client manager.

Stay connected to your clients and take your practice to the next level

Introducing the IRIS KashFlow Connect Partnership Programme.

 be accessed 
from any web-enabled device, at any time. 

Increase your firm’s visibility with co-branded marketing materials, 24/7 support and a free listing in the KashFlow Partner Directory.

The programme includes IRIS KashFlow Connect – featuring all the advantages of simple and effective KashFlow bookkeeping plus market-leading accountancy software from IRIS, creating better collaboration between accountants and their clients.

A winning combination

A winning combination

The IRIS KashFlow Partner Programme combines our leading, innovative technology and a comprehensive range of benefits and assets designed to help grow your practice and exceed your clients' expectations.


Your customers can:

  • Fully customise invoices 
  • Set-up automated recurring purchases and sales invoices
  • Easily reconcile their bank account
  • Upload attachments, such as receipts, to be stored
    with records 


You can:

  • Customise your client’s settings and experience
  • Run reports such as VAT
  • Log directly in to your client’s KashFlow account
  • Publish management reports from KashFlow directly to your client portal

Manage clients and tailor their KashFlow experience

The  IRIS KashFlow  client manager allows you to tailor what your clients are able to see and do within the KashFlow portal, ncluding the ability to brand their experience with your practice logo and colours.

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IRIS KashFlow partners can brand both KashFlow and their unique practice portal using their logo and colours, re-enforcing their brand on every interaction with their client.

icons integration
Practice productivity

The integration of KashFlow with your IRIS accountancy software means IRIS KashFlow partners can achieve improved levels of productivity. The information their clients feed into KashFlow is automatically updated within their IRIS software.

Growing your practice

Effective tools to help you increase the visibility of your practice to new clients: KashFlow Certification, marketing assets and premium marketing activities, making it easy to dedicate time to growing your client base. 

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