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Automatic enrolment (AE) legislation is very complex. Here at IRIS we have developed the industry's most comprehensive automatic enrolment solution; the IRIS AE Suite™. The solution integrates with your IRIS payroll software helping you comply with workplace pensions legislation and therefore avoiding hefty  non-compliance fines of up to £10,000 per day.

The IRIS AE Suite comprises of three elements Assessment, Communications (pension letters) and Electronic Payslips and P60s.

You can book a completely free, no obligation demo to see for yourself how the IRIS AE Suite™ will not only keep you compliant with auto enrolment but also streamline your entire payroll process. 

The IRIS AE Suite™ has been developed through the close relationships with pensions providers and The Pensions Regulator as well as customer feedback. The solution works within your payroll and is not a ‘middleware’ solution. With over 15,600 customers assessing over 850,000 employees you can relax in the knowledge that the IRIS AE Suite™ will deliver push button automation, taking the admin and stress out of automatic enrolment compliance.

What does the Accountancy Firm of the year have to say about the IRIS AE Suite™?

 “We’ve been using the IRIS automatic enrolment solution to assess employees and to produce and distribute our payslips for a number of months now and are pleased with the results. It saves us a lot of time and helps reduce waste. Automatic enrolment is very complex and we have complete confidence that the IRIS AE Suite™ will ensure our clients are compliant.” - Andrew Bodkin, Managing Partner, Haines Watts.

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Brand new: AE Simplification Tool

The AE simplification tool is there to help you setup your auto enrolment solution with your IRIS payroll software. This is because our aim is to always find ways to simplify your payroll and auto enrolment process and the new summer release allows you this functionality when you purchase the IRIS AE Suite™. The key features of the AE Simplification tool are:

Key features are:

  • A system set-up checklist
  • Links to the TPR website for:
    • Establishing the staging date
    • Nominating contact
    • Completion of the Declaration of Compliance
  • Ability to run an approximate assessment of the workforce – how much AE will cost
  • Entry of the company pension scheme administrator
  • Entry of the pension scheme details including the Output file details

Users have access to the AE Configuration Tool regardless of whether their system is licensed for the AE Suite™ or not. So users can see the available AE Suite™ functionality prior to purchasing. All you need to do is make sure that you have the latest version of your software here.


How our clients are taking advantage of the IRIS AE Suite™

Over 5,700 organisations use the IRIS AE Suite™ and are taking full advantage of the benefits that this can bring to their business including time saving, efficiency and simplification of processes. We have a multitude of resources that you can view in order to find out how businesses are using the IRIS AE Suite™.

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Assessment made easy

Under the new workplace pensions legislation employers are responsible for enrolling all workers who meet qualifying criteria onto a workplace pension scheme.

The assessment component sits within your current IRIS payroll software and gives you the ability to create a nominated automatic enrolment scheme, define qualifying earnings and pensionable pay, assess your workforce and automatically enrol workers into a pension scheme.

We can produce the automatic enrolment and pension’s remittance files so you can upload your employee's information directly to the provider. The following files are included as standard in our software: NEST (Contribution Schedule and Enrolling Workers), NOW Pensions v1.1, Standard Life Good to Go, Scottish Widows v3, Peoples Pension, Aviva (Joiners and Payments), Friends Life.

We are developing support for all pensions providers every day and if your pension provider is not listed above, don't worry - bespoke pension files can be created upon request.


Communication to your workforce

Employees have to be informed at key stages in the automatic enrolment process. The communications required will be set by their worker status and what stage they are at in the process, and the triggers behind this are complex.

The IRIS AE Suite™ takes care of your communication requirements, removing the administration. IRIS has worked closely with The Pensions Regulator to ensure your workers receive the right communications at the right time. Publish the communications electronically so your employees can access them via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


Payslips and P60s at the touch of a button

As an employer you have a legal obligation to provide your employees with payslips and P60s. Electronic payslips help automate and streamline this process, saving time, money and helping reduce your carbon footprint.

You can publish E-payslips and P60s from within your IRIS payroll software to a secure online portal. Once delivered your employees can view their current and historic payslips via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, whenever they want!

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Try the free E-payslip App today

There is one simple app that you can try today which will show you how easy and simple it is to access automatic enrolment communications, payslips and P60s. The e-payslips app (IRIS OpenPayslips) is available to download for free on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Join the 3,000 plus people that have already download the app:





Your own secure one-stop shop!

The IRIS AE Suite brings all of your communications together in one secure, online location. No more remembering different passwords and having to jump between different websites! The IRIS AE Suite includes a cloud based portal, where your employees can access their pension communications, payslips and P60s anywhere, at anytime.


Available anywhere

Employees will receive information via the communications portal directly to their email address. They will also be able to view communications through their smartphone or tablet using a free app. Don't worry though, the payroll administrator can still print a copy directly from the portal and deliver these manually if needed.

icons compliance
Ensure legal compliance

Providing evidence of compliance is key, as failure to meet automatic enrolment obligations can result in fines of up to £10,000 a day. IRIS has been working closely with The Pensions Regulator to provide a solution to help you achieve compliance. IRIS AE Suite™ provides audit facilities, ensuring all communications are date and time stamped, PDF copies of all documentation is held in the online portal, and full audit reports are provided.

Reduce costs

IRIS AE Suite™ operates in the cloud, meaning you save costs on printing, processing and posting communications to your employees. This also increases the speed of delivery to your employees and reduces your carbon footprint, giving your employees a greener way to receive their pension communications.

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