Ideal for businesses and GP practices, this flexible, modular HR software enables you to use the features that are critical to your business without having to pay for functionality you don't need.

IRIS HR includes a number of essential features that will help to comply with employment legislation, reduce your admin and improve how you manage your workforce.

Online Self-Service

Available 24/7 IRIS HR empowers your employees to manage much of the tasks that can take up a lot of your time. Because IRIS HR is accessed online there's no software to download, no hardware to maintain and can be accessed from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Integrates With IRIS Software

IRIS HR integrates with our Payroll software, helping you increase your efficiency by reducing admin and removing the need to duplicate data entry. By only entering data once, you reduce the risk of errors, including transposition errors and spelling mistakes. The IRIS HR and Payroll integration will also help increase your employee engagement by enabling you to offer employees one portal for them to view their holidays, sickness, personal and payroll information. How does it work?

Employee Records

Record and store details of employees, their role, contract and salary info, emergency contact details and company equipment which has been issued. Storing this information electronically can help with employment legislation.

Absence Management

Employees can easily submit holiday and sickness requests to their line manager to approve or decline. IRIS HR keeps track of used, pending and available absence totals, automatically calculates an individual's Bradford Factor and provides a team calendar of leave booked by colleagues.

Employee Directory

Enable employees to quickly source contact details of colleagues throughout your organisation. Users with administrator permissions can view details of leavers and any new starters you have joining.


IRIS HR's reporting suite can help to drive your HR strategy, and is available across a multitude of HR related areas. Reports allow you to analyse broad, top-level trends across your organisation down to more granular levels for deeper understanding.

Company Handbook & Documents

Provide a digital version of your company handbook, policies and procedures for staff to access online. You can also attach relevant documents against employee records for example appraisals, CRB checks or job descriptions.

Reminders and Alerts

Ensure important activities never get missed. Send reminders that automatically trigger for key events such as end of probation, length of service, birthdays or training reviews etc.


The release will include the new Tasks feature, which is available to all customers. This powerful tool allows HR administrators to create and assign tasks for individuals, as well as groups of employees. This is especially useful for creating induction tasks for new starters and setting time limits when these actions must be completed by. The tool will be turned on for all users, although administrators can turn it off if desired.

ACAS-approved Letter Templates

Users of IRIS HR have access to a wide range of ACAS-approved letter templates which cover a wide range of HR-related topics such as hiring staff, managing employees and disciplinary procedures. Having correct draft letters, forms and checklists can save you time, and help you manage information quickly and easily, in running your business.

Online Access 24/7

Because our HR software is hosted online there is no expensive software for you to install and maintain. Employees can access the software anywhere with an internet connection, even via a smart-phone.

Secure and Robust

Security of our client’s data is of paramount importance and our servers are stored in two purpose built and secure data centres based in the UK. This gives us added control and security which many “cloud” providers can’t guarantee.

Flexible and Future Proof

Build a HR system that meets your needs by customising pages, fields, approval process, work patterns, forms, performance reviews, reports and more. Our flexible, modular software enables you to use the features that are critical to your business without having to pay for the functionality you don’t need.

Account Types

Our flexible, modular HR software enables you to use the features that are critical to your business without having to pay for functionality you don't need.


IRIS HR Standard



  Cost £1.50 per month per employee £2 per month per employee £3.50 per month per employee
  Contract length 12 Month Contract 12 Month Contract 12 Month Contract
  Admin Users 2x Admin Users 3x Admin Users Unlimited Admin Users
  Connection Online Online Online
  Additional Features      
  Payroll Integration Feature Tick Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Self-Service Feature Tick Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Personal Records Feature Tick Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Contract Records Feature Tick Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Payroll Records Feature Tick Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Absence Managment Feature Tick Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Documents Feature Tick Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Multi Stage Absence Approval   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Read and Accept   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Training Records   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Professional Memberships   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Accident Records   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Employee Benefits   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Salary Modelling   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Mail Merge   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Full Colour Branding   Feature Tick Feature Tick
  Salary Sacrifice     Feature Tick
  Communication Screen     Feature Tick
  Broadcast Email     Feature Tick
  Biography     Feature Tick
  Screen Builder     Feature Tick
  Employee Selector     Feature Tick
  Manager Self-Service     Feature Tick
  Data Exports     Feature Tick
  Generate Multiple Records     Feature Tick
  Customisable Levels of Access     Feature Tick
  Integrate with IRIS additional modules     Feature Tick

Additional Info

Available Modules

For clients who use the professional version of IRIS HR you are able to add additional functionality to your HR software with our additional modules:


Optimise your talent acquisition with our recruitment module. Our recruitment module is a complete recruitment solution that makes advertising and filling vacancies simple and cost effective. Because our recruitment module is fully integrated with the rest of our software, it automatically updates your online HR software with details of successful candidates.

Performance Management

Quickly create Personal development plans with our performance management module. The perfect solution for managers and employees to identify skills gaps and create actionable PDPs that incorporate follow-up alerts for actions, reviews and progress updates.


With configurable expense codes and automatic exchange rate conversions, employees can quickly record expenses and submit them to the appropriate person for approval before being passed to payroll for reimbursement.


Our timesheet module makes it simple for employees to record hours worked along with any overtime, submit them to the appropriate manager for authorisation and deliver them to payroll quickly and easily.


Our training module is fully integrated into the IRIS HR software to provide clients with a solution to manage internal training programmes for employees.

Rota Module

A quick and easy way to create rotas for you and your staff. The Rota Module is a centralised area where managers can create rotas for their staff to inform them of their upcoming shifts. Employees can access this when outside of work so they can check when their next shift is, even if there’s a late change to the schedule. Rotas are created per store and can be grouped together into regions, meaning managers can easily organise rotas they have in different locations. All of this is saved centrally on the cloud so you can have the peace of mind of knowing where your rotas are saved and that they’re stored securely.

Form Builder

Replace any paper-based forms you have in your office with the Forms module, which lets you save documents securely online for quick access. With the option to download previously built forms, or make your own with the form builder, this module can be personally tailored to you. It’s great for employee surveys, health & safety, or consent forms.

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