IRIS Payments



IRIS Payments

A service that enables your invoices to be paid faster and gives your customers a secure and simple way to pay you online. Fully integrated with IRIS Fees & IRIS OpenSpace and powered by Stripe, a leading provider of internet payments software.

With IRIS Payments there is no set up fee, no hidden charges and no minimum spend commitments.

  • Send invoices via IRIS OpenSpace with a 'Pay' button, speeding up payment
  • Accept debit and credit cards without the need for a card reader
  • Save time with automated email reminders to chase late paying clients
  • No fees for your clients when they pay securely using IRIS Payments


The Challenge

Managing payments can be a challenge when clients don’t use direct debit, don't pay promptly or use a variety of methods - cash, cheques or BACS. This makes the process of being paid disjointed, with different costs for each payment method. Further problems come with late payments from clients claiming they haven’t received your invoice or cheques getting lost in the post. These cause practices to spend even longer chasing overdue payments the situation only get worse. 

The Solution

IRIS Payments tackles these challenges, by enabling you to unite all payments methods for a fixed fee. Lost cheques become a thing of the past. You can receive payments simply, it’s all online, and money goes straight to your bank account. No hassle. 

Invoices uploaded on to an online secure portal which you and your clients can access 24/7. You can track the process easily and you can send reminders at the click of a button. Also set up configurable automated emails, thus cutting the time you’re wasting on chasing overdue payments. 

Benefits of IRIS Payments

IRIS Payments provides accountants in practice with a service to get paid fast through a more effective payment strategy. Cut down on wasted energy chasing clients for payments, spend more time on higher value work and meeting demands of clients who want an easier and more convenient way to pay their accountant. 


Easy and convenient payments to improve cash flow   

A simple sign-up form that enables you to set up payments the same day rather than taking weeks, like it does usually with other solutions. Watch this short video to see how to sign up.  

IRIS Payments has an easy-to-follow payment workflow for clients; they receive an email to notify them that they need to pay their invoice. This video shows how.

Once notified by email they login to your secure client portal and click Pay to be taken through a secure card payment process, it’s just that easy!  


Seamless integration  

As your clients are already setup in IRIS Fees and IRIS OpenSpace, you seamlessly upload the invoice from IRIS Fees to the client in IRIS OpenSpace. Will automatically send the receipt into Fees so you can review all pending payments and post them to the ledger. This integration reduces the need for double entry as well as reducing transposition errors. 

Fast track to compliance  

IRIS Payments is powered by Stripe, removing the headache of complex payment gateways, merchant bank accounts and PCI DSS compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

IRIS Payments utilises IRIS OpenSpace, helping you meet your GDPR compliance as all information is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. Hosted at EU Microsoft datacentres which meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards.  


IRIS OpenSpace helps you work closer and more intuitively with your clients. 
You can upload, store and approve documents online. It's in 'The Cloud' so it's always accessible from any location, 
and it's fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite making it quick and easy to use.
You can store as much as you like, for as long as you like. 
If you are a UK based accountancy business we will even give you 1GB of free storage to get you started.
Additional space can easily be purchased from as little as £5 per GB per month or get a 15% discount 
for an annual subscription to 10GB by clicking the web store link above.

IRIS Payments provides instant solutions for:

  • Accountants who want to save time chasing clients for payments
  • Accountants who want to cut the time it takes to get paid
  • Clients who want an easier and more convenient way to pay their accountant
  • Accountants who want to process payments without the headache of complex payment gateways, merchant bank accounts, and PCI compliance

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