Ready to bring your accounts production in-house? You’re not alone.
Many businesses, like yours, are increasing control and visibility of their accounts preparation 
and benefiting from the cost savings that internal accounts production can bring.
Helping in-house finance departments to effectively manage their
accounts, tax, iXBRL, company administration and management reporting.

Whatever the size of your accountancy practice, IRIS has a solution for you. 


Whether you’re seeking an integrated suite of products, standalone solutions or a move into the cloud, we have an answer.

Wherever your firm fits on the size spectrum, the IRIS accountancy suite provides you with precise, accurate, compliant, efficient software that is truly integrated and able to handle your clients’ most complex accounting and tax scenarios. Crucially, it will save you, on average, 22 hours per staff member, per month, freeing you and your team up for more important client work. It will boost the productivity of even the most successful accountant.




Working digitally - an end-to-end process. IRIS has created a seamless process that eliminates paper documents. From the client initially entering data into their online bookkeeping software, to your eventual submission of their accounts and tax returns.




Today, the accountancy sector is undergoing unprecedented change that will last for a decade at least. Key challenges are:


  • Increased regulatory burden: The pace and depth of new legislation demands more form practices - including Brexit, MTD, FRS, AML, GDPR.
  • Workforce: Staff demands for greater work/life balance and a lack of available talent require a different approach to delivering services.
  • Technology: The growth in client, practice and industry data, combined with ubiquitous access via mobile, cloud and on-premises software, create new opportunities to change your practice.
  • Running a practice: Competition and client expectations are driving the need for more value-added services, while creating pressure on fees and the quality of existing services.

Practices must address these challenges if they are to prosper and thrive in the digital economy in coming years. Below, we’ll look at the key processes required to do so:




How does IRIS help practices, just like yours?




As the accounting landscape shifts, it’s vital for Accountants to find fresh ways to attract and retain clients by taking advantage of the digital tools available. IRIS provides a range of solutions to transform how you engage and connect with prospects and clients, including:  


Accountants want to seamlessly bring on board new clients, but they face challenges from rules such as GDPR and Anti-money laundering. IRIS has a range of solutions to help smooth the way to help you comply. Our tools such as IRIS Snap and Accountant Go enable you to manage clients on an ongoing basis more efficiently.


Clients rely on Accountants to meet recurring regulatory obligations such as record-keeping, quarterly VAT and monthly payroll. IRIS cuts the hassle attached to these tasks through offering products including: 


Advising clients how they can better manage their wealth and assisting in key business decisions broadens the appeal of an Accountant’s services and can spark new revenue streams and opportunities. IRIS Analytics helps Accountants to discover which clients are suitable for new services and boosts the accuracy and efficiency of customer audits.

  • IRIS Insight - Next generation forecasting
  • IRIS AI - Greater efficiencies in the Audit process


Assurance and compliance are the primary services of any firm and Accountants rely on their practice-based solutions to get it right, every time – no compromise. IRIS provides a large range of compliance solutions including:


Accountants must cleverly manage their time and workload to provide a high-quality service which, at the same time, maximises income. Our integrated products help to achieve this by automating almost every part of a modern firm. Our suite of tools enables you to always meet vital deadlines, while a central database gives the complete view of clients in one place.



The IRIS advantage includes:

A strategic partner for your practice
Seamless integration of data and workflow
Applications to improve the efficiency of your practice
Open connectivity to leading online bookkeeping solutions
Client collaboration adding value to client relationships



    “Hats off to IRIS; they invest in keeping their software and services relevant to accountants like me, who are carving out a niche in a highly competitive field.”

    Claire Georghiades, Accounts Resource




    “We’re on a mission and are excited about the digital transformation. IRIS products are designed in and for the digital age, in a way that our previous practice software couldn’t begin to match"

    Richard Platt, Grainger + Platt



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