Take the new VAT regulations in your stride with IRIS VAT Filer - simple, flexible, easy to use MTD bridging software 

IRIS VAT Filer enables you to make VAT submissions to HMRC with ease and helps you comply with the upcoming Making Tax Digital (MTD) rules.

IRIS VAT Filer allows you to quickly and easily import the required VAT values for submitting to HMRC for compliance with Making Tax Digital.

Save time by eliminating the need for data entry - none is required.


MTD requires records to be maintained digitally and for VAT figures to be submitted to HMRC via specialised APIs. But some financial management systems will not comply with the MTD requirements. Under the new regulations, HMRC will not permit data being rekeyed from one product to another.

The HMRC online portal currently used for submitting VAT returns will not be MTD compliant. Therefore, it can not be used for businesses with a turnover above the VAT threshold. 

To meet this challenge users need ‘bridging software’ - something that can import values from various sources and submit them onto HMRC. IRIS VAT Filer does this for you, allowing quick and easy importing of the required VAT values to then be submitted onto HMRC for compliance with Making Tax Digital. 

IRIS VAT Filer automatically connects to HMRC and retrieves data such as previous submissions made under MTD, current VAT obligations, liabilities due and payments already made, making it much easier for you to keep track of your submissions, payments and any amounts outstanding. 

Key Benefits:

Multiple trade capability
Handles group relief and the allocation between companies
Interactive CT600s allowing the CT600 to be edited directly from the onscreen preview
Tax return can be filed online at the touch of a button
iXBRL compliant computations are automatically generated with no user intervention
IRIS Fixed Asset Register 
Quick asset creation by importing from csv file, amend and update assets using the on-screen browser 
Eliminate manual intervention in calculating depreciation, lease, hire purchase liabilities and finance charges
  • Meeting the requirements and challenges posed by the new MTD rules
  • Easily importing and submitting your VAT figures
  • Making VAT submissions easy and efficient
  • Eliminates the need for data entry
  • When used with the IRIS Accountancy Suite users can track progress of each VAT submission using Job Profiles thanks to integration with IRIS Practice Management
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