IRIS Document Management

Designed for corporate finance departments, IRIS Docs makes going paperless a reality

All your documents, all your correspondence and emails, all in one secure place – at any time.


Key features:

  • Allows you to automatically store and retrieve all your accountancy documents, whether it’s a set of Final Accounts or correspondence
  • Capture every email and all outputs from your IRIS software
  • Powered by Invu, the leading document management provider; the combined sector expertise of IRIS and Invu ensures that the solution works just the way you want to run your process
  • Files documents against the correct activity, e.g. accounts, tax, payroll, general correspondence etc.
  • Further attributes can also be defined, such as date and document description, allowing increased visibility
  • The system will also ensure that you are always working with the latest version of your documents
  • A comprehensive audit trail is always available to ensure compliance

“IRIS Docs has given us access to our documents through both IRIS Practice Management and Invu. This saves us filing time, and also retrieval time, especially when the client is on the phone.”

Johnathan Myers, Urqhart Myers

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