3 in 4 finance sector firms not MTD registered with just 27 days to deadline

Nearly 75% of finance sector firms are yet to register for MTD, HMRC has revealed today, as it urged businesses to get moving fast before the 7 August VAT filing date.

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Jenny Strudwick
11 July 2019

Confusion over HMRC account registrations hampers first digital VAT submissions

The first quarterly submission deadline for MTD for VAT is rushing towards us. And as it does, I am continuing to hear the same story about the biggest problem that appears to be blighting accountants.

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Jenny Strudwick
8 July 2019

Take Charge of Your Own Learning

IRIS has launched a brand new approach to payroll training, and it’s pick and mix.

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Emily Hine
2 July 2019

Giant MTD delay: what it means for you

There’s a good chance you will have seen a headline or two in recent days about ‘delays’ to MTD for VAT. If you were just scanning and flicking through the news at rapid pace, you could be forgiven for feeling a sudden pang of anxiety as your eyes caught sight of this.

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Jenny Strudwick
1 July 2019

How to get it right when disclosing average numbers of staff

All companies are required to disclose the average number of employees within their financial statements. But how do you make sure you’re getting it right?

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Are you a slowly boiling frog?

A frog, when placed in boiling water, will jump right out to save its life. If, however, you put the amphibian in cold water and heat it up, it will stay in the water and not jump out.

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Dave Watson
12 June 2019

FRS 102: Ending confusion about non-distributable profits

FRS 102 - The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland - is becoming more established among practitioners. One area which has caused an element of confusion is the treatment of fair value gains on investment property.  The accounting treatment for investment property has been the subject of a separate article.  However, fair value gains are one of several types of gain which give rise to non-distributable profit.

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Help shape the future of Accountancy

The accountancy market is changing and we want to help accountants to change and move forward along with it, and provide software allowing them to do this.

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Daniel Cashen
30 April 2019

Revealing the revamped, new look IRIS Docs

There is nobody more important for us to listen to than you, our customers. At IRIS World, you gave us a clear message when talking to our team about IRIS Docs, our powerful and comprehensive document management system that streamlines the way practices work. We were thrilled to hear so many of you saying it’s a fundamental cog in your practice’s daily operations, but you also told us that it needed some tender loving care and a lick of paint.

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James Nadal
5 April 2019

What’s New in the IRIS Spring 2019 Release?

Our work at IRIS is all about simplifying the lives of accountants by making them more efficient and productive and that’s what our new Spring release delivers.

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James Nadal
4 April 2019
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