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Maximise your team’s potential with integrated Payroll and HR software

At IRIS, we understand how the world of work is changing.

Changes to Payroll legislation mean it’s increasingly difficult for Payroll Professionals to keep up and ensure they’re compliant. In HR, professionals are facing a change in the emphasis of their role as it becomes more numbers-focused, with a greater emphasis on proving their ROI.

On both sides, there’s a greater need for data-sharing and analysis to improve results and to ensure employee data is kept secure in accordance with GDPR.

To help businesses flourish in these circumstances, IRIS have developed an integrated Payroll and HR solution that’s now available:

Boost Efficiency More Accuracy, Fewer Errors A Better Employee Experience


How does Integrated Payroll and HR work?

With minimal configuration, it’s easier to enter and sync employee data. Our specific integrated system results in reduced data entry for:

  • Adding new employees to your system
  • Amending existing employee data
  • Working with standard payroll details – like updating a salary
  • Including sickness and holiday dates in payroll
  • Amending the number of hours worked

It’s easy to cross reference employee data that is shared between IRIS HR and Payroll, meaning detailed analysis is readily available – such as checking performance in relation to incentives and bonuses. 

Why choose Integrated Payroll and HR?

Beyond the ease of working mentioned above, integrated software increases efficiency by reducing the amount of work needed. You can, for example, import sickness and holiday dates directly into your Payroll’s Absence Diary.

There’s a distinct reduced risk of error, as system users only have to enter their information once. By removing data duplication, you’re also reducing the risk of spelling mistakes and transposition errors.

Synchronising data also offers better insight by offering more reports and deeper cross-analysis from one set of data, allowing both HR and Payroll to share data and better track the impact of each department.

By providing a single portal, integrated Payroll and HR can improve employee engagement and reduce the amount of admin required. Once integrated, employees can access their payslips, P60s, pension letters and request holidays from the same place.

As IRIS offers employee self-service for both Payroll and HR, integrating them means you’ll field fewer admin requests and secure higher levels of employee engagement. 

Why Choose IRIS?

 With 40 years’ experience providing specialist HMRC recognised software and services for a range of businesses, when you choose to join the IRIS family you can be sure you made the right choice.

At IRIS we design all of our own software in-house, and are well-positioned to provide a one-stop shop for employees to view their payroll data and make HR requests without creating any extra admin. Unlike competitors, our Payroll and HR integration automatically exchanges data so you don’t have to manually import and export CSV files.

Our integrated Payroll and HR software is a scalable solution that suits evolving businesses of every size. This also means these businesses are better positioned to adapt for future working conditions like flexible working and numbers-based HR functions. 

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