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About IRIS Human Capital Management

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IRIS Human Capital Management

As one of the UK’s most trusted business-critical software and service providers for compliance and regulatory driven industries, IRIS HCM (Human Capital Management) serves more than 80,000 SMEs, enterprises and payroll bureaus across the full spectrum of UK industry sectors and business sizes.

IRIS HCM is a division of IRIS Software Group, the UK’s sixth largest privately-owned software supplier, and exists to support businesses of every size with efficiency, productivity and compliance. Including the Cascade, CascadeGo, IRIS Payroll, KashFlow and 12Pay brands, IRIS HCM offers the greatest range of specialist integrated accounting, human resource management and payroll solutions within the UK market. The IRIS HCM division’s aim is to liberate the time, talent and energy of UK business to keep them one-step ahead.

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